MADJOE! Concept
MADJOE! is chosen as the main phrase for the exhibition. The word (meaning Forward!) represents the optimist expectation of young Indonesian comic artists that their works should move forward, be more advanced in quality, quantity and popularity. Comic albums whose themes are about the Indonesian fight before and during the Indonesian independence will also be displayed, among which the word Forward! can be found. Because of that, and also to prevent mispronunciation, the old spelling of maju is used.

MADJOE! is also expected as a catching word, in order to immediately attract the attention of people who see the posters or other publication of the exhibition.

This Indonesian comics exhibition is intended to:

  1. Present the Indonesian comics to a wide audience
  2. Introduce the development of Indonesian comics as a form of Indonesian culture to the Dutch people
  3. Create a nostalgic moment for the Dutch people who have lived in Indonesia, or who have Indonesian roots, and for Indonesian people who have lived in The Netherlands
  4. Re-introduce the Indonesian comics to the Indonesian people


  1. Comic Exhibition : old and new comics, strips, and drawings
  2. Artists' Impression
  3. Installation arts of comics, strips, and drawings
  4. Artist talks and interviews
  5. Post exhibition: publication, etc.

Image : "Si Buta dari Goa Hantu" by Ganes TH


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