1 - 2 June 2002
Stripdagen Haarlem SBK,
Gedempte Oudegracht 121, Haarlem

22 June 2002
Pasar Malam Besar, Den Haag

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19 July - 27 October 2002
Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde,
Steenstraat1, Leiden


Drawings have been widely used as a mean to deliver messages since the earliest time. In Indonesia, the evident is many, among others are the carved sequences at Borobudur temple, the Balinese ancient calendar system and various mediums of wayang performances. Ever since, the mean of communication through drawings have been developed, along with the development of technology. The skills of putting messages and stories through drawings have been mastered by artists, whom, along with their successors, later developed their own fictional characters and stories, created comics in various styles. Printing technology has made it possible to popularise comics to public, through newspapers, magazines and albums.

Later, more advanced technologies succeeded in popularising comics and their characters even more through video animations, television series and computer games. At present, the invasion of comics in any form all over the world, to people of any age, is unstoppable. In Indonesia, comics have been used to teach values of life and beliefs, to express people's opinions about the present political situation, to tell the revolution history and even to criticize the ruling government. However valuable the contents are, Indonesian comics hardly bring any profit for the publishers and they are considered of having only little commercial values. Therefore, comics that are still being created up to this day are considered as a cultural, not commercial, product.  


Image : by Ahmad Thoriq


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