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Several comic-strip events are being held in various cities in Holland, where comic albums and collectibles are being sold, where comic artists demonstrate their skills and meet their fans, where promotion of upcoming albums or new animation movies take place, where visitors feel the exciting ambience of what they have in common: love of comic albums and everything that surrounds it. This event also gives an opportunity for young comic artists to introduce their works and to attract publishers. The biggest and most important event is the Stripdagen that is held in Haarlem, which is a biannual festival visited by around 30.000 people and the most important comic-artists of the world. All the activities of the strip-day will be held in and around the city centre: at the main marketplace, galleries, built up kiosks and tents and numerous available spaces. This year, Stripdagen Haarlem will be held on 1-2 June 2002, organised by Joost Pollmann (who organised the same event four and six years ago), supported by the Dutch Comics Association. World famous comic artists who plan to come to this event are, among others, Dupuy & Berberian (France), Enki Bilal (Yugoslavia), Chris Ware (USA), Daniel Clowes (USA), Seth (USA), Benoit (France), Vermeulen, Loisel, Luis Royo (Spain), Mattotti (Italy), Loustal, Cosey, Adamov (France), Baudoin (France), and perhaps even Moebius (France) & Jodorowski (Chile). Works of these artists can be seen in Lambiekís Comiclopedia at :

  1. http://lambiek.net/artists/index.htm

Other information about Stripdagen Haarlem (mostly are a list of events with only a short introduction for each event) can be acquired at:

  1. http://www.stripdagenhaarlem.nl
  2. http://www.stripschap.nl/Stripdagen/Stripdagen.html
  3. http://www.mirck.myweb.nl/haarlem2002.htm
  4. http://www.oogenblik.nl/nieuws.htm

Indonesian comic albums, artists and studio will be involved for the first time at this Stripdagen Haarlem 2002. The Indonesian comic community will be delegated by Qomik Nasional (QN) and Masyarakat Komik Indonesia (MKI/ the Indonesian Comics Society), who have been co-operating with personal contacts in Amsterdam and Haarlem for the exhibition and sponsorship information. The Indonesian comics exhibition is planned to present the history of Indonesian comics, referring to the periods of their creation, historical backgrounds and the situation at each period that influenced the comics' styles and contents. A couple of settings at the exhibition will be similar to a real kiosk and a street vendor that sells comics albums and magazines in Indonesia, so the visitors would be able to feel the 'comics hunting' experience. Through this exhibition, it is hoped that the Indonesian comics will find a place once more in the Indonesian comic audiences who are mostly occupied by foreign comics. This exhibition would also like to introduce the Indonesian comics as a form of Indonesian culture to all comics appreciators and as many audiences as possible.


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