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He is a visual artist who has been conducting his works at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam for over one year. His attention for comic style can be seen in his works. His paintings often look like comics on a canvas; no wonder his friends often ask him to participate in comics exhibitions. Since he discovered computer and multimedia gadgets, he has been exploring and combining them all as an artistic approach for comic 'painting' and multimedia art.
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She currently lives in Amsterdam, while pursuing her study at Delft University of Technology. She actually majors in Industrial Design; however, she is also very much into comics that she has been drawing, instead of writing, her diary into a series of comics. The outlines of her black-and-white drawings show the characteristics of her comics.

- J.P. Pollmann :
- Anto Motulz :

He writes about comic art for the daily newspaper De Volkskrant, for the annual anthology Stripjaar and for the literary magazine Tirade. Also, he has organized three editions of the comic convention Stripdagen Haarlem ('94, '96 and '98) and is currently working on three exhibitions (Papieren Drama's, about comics & theatre; Van Bulletje tot Wentelteefje - about the history of Dutch comics; and Tante Leny Exposeert Weer - about underground comics in 1970s). This year, he coordinates again the Stripdagen Haarlem 2002, where MADJOE! will be first exhibitied to public.

He is a member of Qomik Nasional team. He has loved Tintin since his Junior High School years, until one day he decided to make his own comics. For the time being, he has released Kapten Bandung (1994), Molotov Indiekomik (1998), and Parangtritis (1998). His style is fully influenced by the works of Hergé. Today he is working as a Production Coordinator of a television series, a freelance illustrator and a web designer.
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- Sugianto Wahyu :
- Santosa Triwibawa :

He is the leader of MKI (Masyarakat Komik Indonesia/ Indonesian Comic Community). Since 1996 MKI has been trying to maintain the database of Indonesian comics. He is often invited to attend comics exhibitions and fairs in schools and universities. Up to now, he is pretty much committed to keep Indonesian comics alive.

He is one of Qomik Nasional's founders. He is very good at technical drawing; no wonder he loves to draw comics with futuristic themes. He created GARDA (1996), a future Indonesian robotic cop. He also creates a number of illustrations, icons and advertisement. He is currently working at a commercial TV station as an in-house web designer.
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- Ahmad Thoriq :
- Pidi :

He is one of Qomik Nasional's founders. He is a very skillful illustrator. He loves digging Indonesian culture for comic themes and characters. He creates Caroq (1994), a famous Qomik Nasional's character. His style is adapted from Marvel's. Up to now, he is working as a comic artist; he makes comics illustrations for magazines and designs post stamps.

He belongs to Qomik Nasional team. He worked with Motulz to create Kapten Bandung. He also created Jaka Tarub for Molotov. He is currently working as a teacher in a college, teaching illustration and creativity study. He also works with Project P (a group of young, popular, Indonesian performance artists) as a comic artist, releasing Si Lender in 2001. Similar to Thoriq, Pidi also creates illustrations for magazines and post stamps.

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